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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy in Gulfport

Between the vertebrae of your spine, there are fluid-filled discs that act as cushions and keep the vertebrae separate from one another. If these discs are damaged, such as what happens with arthritis, degeneration and disc herniations, the damaged discs can press on spinal nerves, causing severe pain.

In fact, disc problems are one of the main causes of neck and back pain. Unfortunately, when discs are compressed in this way, healing nutrients can’t reach them, so discs typically can’t heal on their own.

How It Works

Spinal decompression works to gently stretch the joints of the spine, alleviating the pressure on the discs and allowing increased blood flow to deliver the nutrients needed for healing. Think of it like grass—when a big chunk of debris sits on the grass, compressing it, water and sunlight can’t reach the grass underneath. But when you lift that debris off the grass, the nutrients can get where they need to go and the grass grows healthily again.

Our Approach

At Spencer Chiropractic, we offer SpineMed spinal decompression therapy for our patients with disc herniations, arthritis or degeneration in the lumbar or cervical spine (low back or neck). You’ll lie on the table while a gentle, sustained force is applied at the targeted area. Patients often experience some relief during the therapy, but healing takes place over a period of time.

We offer this therapy as a series of a minimum of 20 sessions over several weeks. As pressure is repeatedly removed from the discs and nerves, your body’s own healing ability works to restore proper blood flow, allowing the discs to heal. Just as your body didn’t get to this state in a day or two, healing doesn’t occur in a day or two. But with patience and regular care, most people experience a significant reduction in pain and improvement in mobility.

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