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Piezo Wave Machine

Piezo Wave in Gulfport

Soundwaves have been used in the medical community for decades, most commonly to break up kidney stones non-invasively. This same technology can be used to alleviate musculoskeletal pain by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions that limit movement and cause pain.

How It Works

When your tissues are injured, either acutely in an accident or over a long period of overuse, scar tissue forms. This is part of the body’s normal healing process to protect the injured area. However, if scar tissue remains, it can cause long-term mobility issues.

Think of a steak, which is muscle. Sometimes there is some gristle in the steak, which is hard and fibrous—this area doesn’t flex like the rest of the muscle because it lacks elasticity. Scar tissue in your muscles is like the gristle in a steak. The more scar tissue you have, the more your mobility is impacted.

Using our Piezo Wave machine, we can direct soundwaves into the appropriate areas to break up that scar tissue, allowing your muscles to become elasticized again. The result is greater freedom of movement and reduced or eliminated pain.

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How You Know It’s Working

When the soundwaves target healthy tissue, you don’t feel a thing. However, when they hit scar tissue, it can be uncomfortable—similar to breaking up knots during a deep tissue massage. When you feel that discomfort, that’s how you know we’re in the right place. We’ll keep working on that area until you no longer feel the discomfort.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Piezo Wave machine is effective at relieving chronic pain associated with scar tissue, normalizing your muscle tissue so it can function as it should. Athletes use this safe, drug-free, non-surgical therapy before and after training to keep muscles healthy and improve performance. Only two providers in the state offer this state-of-the-art soundwave therapy.

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