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Neuropathy Therapy in Gulfport

Neuropathy can be caused by hundreds of conditions, but the most common causes we see are diabetes, overuse of alcohol, and chemotherapy. The symptoms typically affect the feet and cause burning, numbness, or tingling that can radiate up the entire legs.

This condition can make it feel like your feet are on fire or as if you’re walking on rocks. It’s often worse at night, and patients can’t stand the covers to be touching their feet. It’s caused by some kind of nerve disturbance that results in severe pain.

There is no medical treatment to reverse neuropathy, and conventional medical treatment involves strong medications to block the nerve pain. Unfortunately, these medications have severe side effects and usually don’t alleviate the pain completely.

Our Approach

At Spencer Chiropractic, we offer Summus Lasers Class IV laser therapy to provide relief to our patients with neuropathy. This is a drug-free, non-surgical solution to help the body’s own innate healing ability take over and create healing from within. Dr. Spencer has extensive training in this FDA-approved therapy.

Laser therapy works by directing safe levels of infrared light to the targeted areas. The light then interacts with the tissues at a cellular level, which increases the metabolic activity of the cells and improves the transport of healing nutrients into the cells. Essentially, it stimulates the body to deliver more nutrients into the affected nerves while eliminating toxins that have accumulated there.

Most of our patients experience 50-100% relief of neuropathy pain and symptoms with laser therapy—as long as they manage the underlying cause as well, such as maintaining proper blood sugar and limiting alcohol intake.

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