Your Well-Being

Is Our Number One Priority

That’s why we offer a range of ancillary wellness services that perfectly compliment chiropractic care, including our 6-week weight loss program.
  • Most patients lose 20-35 pounds in just 42 days
  • No shakes, bars or pre-packaged meals
  • Eat the approved foods you love and watch the pounds fall off
  • The anti-inflammatory diet will have you looking and feeling great

The 6-week program includes:

        Weekly check-in appointments with your weight loss consultant

        2 natural dietary supplements

        A clean eating recipe book

        Tools and strategies to keep the weight off long-term

        Before and after BMI and BMR checks

Consultations are free. Call 228-575-8660 for more information.

Eat Clean and Get Lean in 6 Weeks!